• Presence for Fourteen years in the space of Leadership Development for more than 400 clients
  • Created and successfully implemented our first Large Scale Intervention in 2016-17
  • Asia Partners for four top International Counsulting firms specializing in Leadership development across the Globe
  • Experts in blending psychometrics to learning and growth of the individual and the Organization
  • 100 experts/Counsultants across India. Local/regional support
  • Experts in using various approaches viz Appreciative Inquiry, Coaching, 360 degree assessments, Assessment and Development centers

Our Offerings

We provide Long-Term Solutions on an On-going basis

We work on Interventions designed to create change that is sustained over time by preparing an internal facilitator (HR personnel) to take over where we leave off. A typical intervention involves the following steps:

  • Needs discussion with key people in the organization, including team members
  • Report of findings, discussed and prioritized by managers and team members
  • Activities designed to identify and enhance areas that are “working”
  • Activities designed to identify 3-5 areas that are “not working” and to bring about changes in those areas.
  • Facilitation of a one-day (or longer) session to include the activities mentioned above.
  • 6-8 month follow up plan for implementation and assessment of results.
  • Coaching internal HR member to take over the facilitation process after completion of the task.

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