• Presence for Fourteen years in the space of Leadership Development for more than 400 clients
  • Created and successfully implemented our first Large Scale Intervention in 2016-17
  • Asia Partners for four top International Counsulting firms specializing in Leadership development across the Globe
  • Experts in blending psychometrics to learning and growth of the individual and the Organization
  • 100 experts/Counsultants across India. Local/regional support
  • Experts in using various approaches viz Appreciative Inquiry, Coaching, 360 degree assessments, Assessment and Development centers

First Time Managers

For Managers given a team to handle for the first time. Atiitya's FTM is a program, of 2 days – 5 days for First Time Managers. It has been built to equip First time Managers to understand the nuances & the role differentiation between being an individual contributor focusing on the self performance to managing teams & getting them to perform on set goals. In this program Managers learn skills like –

  • Effective hiring
  • Goal setting
  • Time management
  • Navigating through change
  • Giving effective feedback
  • Why and how to delegate
  • Basics of operational and tactical decision making through an experiential and application oriented facilitation process.

The program has pre and post testing with the workshop to assess effectiveness & monitor learning & change. We believe in a teach back sessions, which helps the participants to assimilate the learning effectively, hence the participants are encouraged to make a presentation to a panel (decided by the organization & us) after a time gap applying various aspects of a managerial role.

The information provided is illustrative and is open for customization. The module is open for a redesign based on the clients'/business requirements.


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