• Presence for Fourteen years in the space of Leadership Development for more than 400 clients
  • Created and successfully implemented our first Large Scale Intervention in 2016-17
  • Asia Partners for four top International Counsulting firms specializing in Leadership development across the Globe
  • Experts in blending psychometrics to learning and growth of the individual and the Organization
  • 100 experts/Counsultants across India. Local/regional support
  • Experts in using various approaches viz Appreciative Inquiry, Coaching, 360 degree assessments, Assessment and Development centers

Competency Mapping & Assessments

Competency mapping is a crucial step for any organization to measure and build behavioral and functional competencies of the employees.

It is helpful in mapping a role, identifying development needs and in the selection process. This enables efficiency in the area of Talent Management and Talent Development.

We at Atiitya work with different organizations to design their competency framework and subsequently develop and run Assessment and Development Centres for them.

Selection/Assessment/Development Centres

Selection Centres

Selection Centres are conducted to identify and select talent for key positions in any Organization. Selection centres consist of a number of exercises designed to assess the full range of skills and personal attributes required for the job. The Selection centre provides data/information about the individual beyond what is in the CV or is assimilated during the interview. Selection Centres are likely to be used at the final stage of selection. Usually, they follow on from a one-to-one first interview.

Why hold selection centres?

  • They are one of the most reliable methods of assessing candidates. Any other method, including Interviews, taken alone, may be as low as 15% accurate.
  • They are generally accepted as a fair method of selection, providing equal opportunities for all candidates and selecting on merit.
  • They are designed to provide with as much information as possible about candidates.
  • They offer a thorough, in-depth assessment.

What is being assessed at a selection centre?
Many of our clients have a set of competencies - the essential skills and personal attributes defined as required for the job. Where the list of competencies is not available we help our client organizations to identify the competencies and develop the framework which maps jobs to competencies. We use various simulations to assess the individual capabilities to match the job requirements.

Assessment Centres / Development Centres

What are assessment centres/ development centres?
An assessment centre is usually an all day event (or longer) which forms part of the internal talent assessment procedure. This is used for purposes of creating a Leadership pipeline, by identifying employees for promotion, for future leadership capability enhancement, to develop a culture of talent management through an assessment driven objective and transparent process, etc.

Perhaps the most important feature of the assessment centre method is that it relates not to current job performance, but to future performance.

How an Assessment Centre Works
The assessment centre method involves multiple evaluation techniques, including various types of job-related simulations, and sometimes interviews and psychological tests. Common job simulations used in assessment centers are:

  • In-basket exercises
  • Group discussions
  • Role plays of interviews with “subordinates” or “clients”
  • Fact-finding exercises
  • Analysis/decision-making problems
  • Oral presentation exercises
  • Written communication exercises

In addition to improved accuracy in diagnosis and selection, the organization that operates an assessment centre enjoys a number of indirect benefits. In our experience, Candidates accept the fairness and accuracy of promotion decisions more readily and have a better understanding of job requirements.

As participants work through the simulations, they are observed by a team of assessors who are trained to observe and evaluate behaviour and knowledge as defined for the purpose of the assessment.

Assessors observe different participants in each simulation and take notes on special observation forms. Assessors spend time with each participant sharing their observations and agreeing on evaluations while also creating a plan for further learning and development.


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